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Menage by Habu
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Overview: To a bisexual sex is sex is sex. The sex of the partner or partners is not as important as that they arouse in a way that can lead to sex. Stories that appeal to these folks are not as easy to find in the literature as those targeted to readers with straight-or even gay/lesbian-preferences. This seventeen-work anthology brings together, for the convenience of interested readers, the combined mix-and-match sexual partner stories and themes of prolific eXcessica author habu under one title. Included herein are separate stories of varied couplings along with extracted scenes of bisexual encounters from various habu published novels.
Genre: Romance Erotic MMM



Surrogate Loving     
Cynthia’s Box         
New Year’s Gala Indeed     
Anniversary at Big Dick’s    
Pleasing Marian       
The Golden Triangle
Purloined Tryst       
Can He or Can’t He?          
Simmering Guilt       
Jules and Jim and Juliet      
L.A. Tours
Perfect Harvest Year            .
The Yellow Cadillac          
The Picnic  
Winging Away        
Encountering Mrs. Rich      
Springing the Honey Trap   
Ada’s Men    

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