Download Me and Fat Glenda by Lila Perl (.ePUB)

Me and Fat Glenda by Lila Perl (Fat Glenda Series #1)
Requirements: EPUB Reader, 344 KB
Overview: She’s fat. She’s loud-mouthed. She’s pushy. She’s opinionated. She’s prejudiced. She has a "creative" way with the truth. She is madly in love with your sixteen-year-old brother. All the other kids in seventh-grade hate her and she hates them. Her mother has a petition going to try to force your family out of the neighborhood. . . . And she’s your best friend! There’s no one like Fat Glenda. In Lila Perl’s 1972 comedy, while Sara has to cope with her family’s unorthodox ways and the town’s prejudice against them, it’s her new friend Glenda who Sara has to really watch out for. For Glenda has a secret, and everyone in town knows it . . . but Sara!
Genre: Young Adult, Family Life


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