Download Manage Credit Card Instantly v1.3.9 APK for Android +4.1

Requirements: 4.1+


The goal is simple, I need an credit card manager that reminds me the next due date, cut off dates of all my cards, as well as to let me keep track of transactions, and doesn’t look like it’s going to steal my credit card info.

I couldn’t find one that does all that, so my journey to write a credit card manager of my own begins.

– Simple and user friendly credit card manager – following Google’s Material Design guidelines.
– Works totally offline – privacy is of no.1 importance
– Keep track of payment due dates and cut off dates (with reminders)
– Store emergency credit card hotlines (the number is printed at the back of the card, which is silly because when your card is lost/stolen, that is the time you need the number XD)
– Present useful information (such as longest grace period) in an intuitive way
– Keep track of transactions per statement cycle/month cycle

– This credit card manager assumes that user aims to clear all credit card debts before the due date, to utilize the interest-free period given by credit card facilities. If you are unsure how interest-free period for credit card works, I suggest reading it up a little on the internet.
– If you understand how a credit card’s interest-free period works, you can shop smart to make the most of this lending facility and avoid paying purchase interest.

Upcoming features:
– Transaction limit tracking
– Add recurring transactions

Download Links:

Download via DailyUploads

Download via UsersCloud

Download via Uploads

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