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Love is in the Air by Carolyn McCray (A McCray Romance Collection)
Requirements: ePUB Reader | 837 Kb
Overview: Carolyn has had a long and extremely interesting road to become a bestseller. When she head to veterinary school those many years ago she had no idea decades later she would be writing controversial historical thrillers, gut wrenching mysteries and roller coaster-style action/adventure tales! Born in San Francisco and raised in the beautiful Napa Valley, Carolyn always had an overactive imagination.
Genre: Romance


A woman of science.
A man of magic.
Hunted for their HeartsBlood.
HeartsBlood… a love taken to its dangerous conclusion.

Everyone thinks that they know the story of Caesar’s demise, however in Fated, we discover the truth.
Told from Brutus’ perspective, critics are heaping praise upon Fated…

Indian Moon
Despite tragedy and heartbreak, under an Indian Moon, anything seems possible… even love.
While set in the lush and misty Pacific Northwest, Indian Moon doesn’t contain any vampires or teeny boppers.
Just real romance… for the rest of us.

My Dangerous Valentine
This prequel short story introduces you to the world of Valentine Rutger, the CIA’s most elite counter-terrorism agent.

Targeted (Betrayed #1.5)
Brandt and Monroe, thinking they are safe in India, try for a nice romantic night out. The Knot on the other hand has a different idea for the evening.
Can Brandt and Monroe survive date night?

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