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Jeapers Creepers by John Ledger & (See Below)
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Overview: Looking for something scary? Tales of the macabre and strange you’d like to share with a friend or read in the dark? Stories to chill your bones and creep up on you just when you thought you’d forgotten? Here you will find all of these things and more than a few beasties too. Come join us by the camp fire, in the deep woods, in the dark, by the cemetery, and in the locked room, We’ll be waiting!
Genre: Horror|Paranormal|Short Stories


Curiosity Killed the Cat-Vyvecca Danae Pratt
The Face – Nikolai Misura
Tick Tock – Carolyn May
Ember’s Game – Georgia Lennon
The Day the Pizza Died-Kent Hill
Camp Lupus -Matthew Hickman
Meet Victor-Andrew Lennon
Ghost Light -Alison Clifford
Molly Meeps – Andy Bove
Maxwell’s Silver Dagger- Kevin Candela
Déjà vu -Jennifer Redmile
Mummy, Leave The Light On -Toneye Eyenot
The Good Mrs. Kats- Tabitha Baumander
Blakulla Hjalte -Kerry E.B. Black
Our Bundle of Joy -Lemmy Rushmore
What Can You Tell Me About the Monster Under the Bed?-Tristann Jones
Bullied and Beaten – Essel Pratt
Look Up! -Carly Jane Denyer
Sleep – Matthew Cash
The Monster in the Closet -Mark Woods
The Far Darrig -Ashley L. Hunt
Snip Snap Crunch -Amanda M. Lyons
The Christmas Story -Matthew Cash
Sadie’s Haunting -Ashley L. Hunt
Wandering in the Wood -Kerry E.B. Black
Shadow Man -Michael Noe
Believe Me Now? – Roy C. Booth and Chad Michaels
The Toy Bin – Justin Hunter
Stranger Danger- Mark Woods

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