Download Isaac Asimov Himself Reads 5 Complete Stories (.MP3)

Isaac Asimov Himself Reads 5 Complete Stories: Unabridged by Isaac Asimov
Requirements: MP3 Player, 2 hrs and 55 mins , 55 MB
Overview: It’s just plain fun and intriguing to listen to Isaac Asimov himself read his stories. There’s no better way to get them. Listening to these allows me to go read his other works and have a little bit of insight into how he might have read those — what things he would emphasize, what inflections he’d have, what sort of emotion he brings to his work… You get a little feeling this way for what the stories meant to him. And, of course, they’re great stories. Did he write any bad ones ever? I don’t think so. Maybe some would say you have to be a science fiction fan to enjoy Asimov’s stories. I think you only need to be a fan of stories.
Asimov reads with warmth, clarity, and wit. Includes: “The Immortal Bard”, “Someday”, “The Jokester”, “The Ugly Little Boy”, and “The Last Question”.
Genre: Audiobooks, Sci-Fi, Short Stories


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