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Invictus Security Volume Two by Tonya Brooks by Tonya Brooks (The Invictus Security Series Book 2)
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Overview: Tonya Brooks writes romance novels filled with humor and unexpected plot twists and turns.
Genre: Romance


Invictus Security Series: Volume Two
Book Three: Romance Novels & RPGs
A man skilled at torture. A sadistic killer. An innocent woman caught in the middle.
Jaxon ‘Blade’ Caulder was a former Navy SEAL whose enhanced interrogation training had been acquired at CIA black sites that made Gitmo look like summer camp. Jax was not a violent man, but he was a man capable of great violence. How much he’d never known until an enemy targeted his woman. Now nothing will stop him from exacting vengeance with ruthless intent. And without a shred of mercy.
Kira ‘Vixen’ Walker was the one woman created just for him. She saw through his shield of cold, clinical detachment to the caring, compassionate, closet romantic hidden inside. A man willing to do anything for the woman he loved. And the Happily Ever After he craved.

Bonus Book: Raven’s Redemption
Raven Caulder was a man with a past steeped in violence, baptized in blood. A modern-day outlaw who lived by no code other than his own. There could be no salvation for him. His sins were too many. His crimes too numerous. His path to hell had been forged the day he became the President of the Hell Riders OMC.
Savannah Summers braved the Gates of Hell to confront him and made him hunger for more. The sassy spitfire’s belief that there was beauty in his tormented soul left him yearning for the unattainable. A normal life with her by his side. The love of a good woman would either be his ultimate downfall or his redemption.

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