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Hinky Chicago Series by Jennifer Stevenson (#2,3,5)
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Overview: Jennifer Stevenson lives in the Chicago area with her very own hot stagehand husband and two masterful cats.
Genre: Fiction, Paranormal, Romance

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#2 – The Velvet Chair
THE TREAT: Life with a sex demon is never boring
Jewel freed Randy from two centuries in a brass bed. Now he’s her booty slave.
THE TRICK: The Venus Machine will make you irresistible!
A new age swindler is selling beauty via the "Venus Machine". Fraud cop Jewel is gonna bust him. So’s Jewel’s new partner, sexy con artist Clay. Randy and his mojo are along for the ride.
THE TRUTH: Can the contraption bring attraction?
Jewel gives the Venus Machine a test run to prove it’s a fountain of flimflam. Something wild kicks into high gear. Powerful machine or power of suggestion?

#3 – The Bearskin Rug
“Supernatural, sexy, tender, smart-ass, surprising, and funny as hell.”
–Nalo Hopkinson, on The Brass Bed
THE MAGIC: A live-in sex demon sure keeps a girl up at night
But for Jewel, a fraud cop leery of commitment, Randy could be too much of a good thing.
THE MISCHIEF: Hinky and kinky
Something seriously weird is going on at an erotic film studio. Jewel and her sexy partner, Clay, take the case–and Randy finds an outlet for his special skills.
THE MAN TROUBLE: Two hotties and a hard decision
If Jewel’s the luckiest girl in Chicago, how come she’s sleeping alone so much?

#5 – A Taste Of You
An energy vampire at seventeen, Hel reduced her first lover to ashes. Forty years later, she still looks seventeen. Her life is teaching hyperactive boys, roller derby, and worrying about paying her mother’s hospital bills.
Nick Jones, federal anti-magic cop, has a secret, too. Magic turns him on, to his shame. This makes it hard for him when he’s assigned to recruit Hel.
Nick feels guilty for his attraction to a teenager. Hel adores Nick’s yummy energy. If he learns she’s a vampire, he’ll send her to Hinky Guantanamo.
But how can they keep their hands off each other?

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