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Healed by a Dragon by Lauren Lively (No Such Thing as Dragons #2)
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Overview: Ancient enemies. Broken oaths. Unbridled fire and passion.
Ella survived a childhood trauma that would have destroyed most people. The scars of losing her parents ran deep, but after being taken in and trained by the man who’d saved her, Ella became a living weapon. And the bane of the existence of a species of creatures who sought to reclaim control of the world.
Zarik is a Dragonborn shifter – a Ranger, tasked with keeping the streets of Los Angeles safe from all things that go bump in the night. He reveled in the fight and enjoyed striking down his enemies. To him, there was little better than doing his sacred duty.
What neither of them expected was to find somebody who was their equal in every way. A person who intrigued and compelled them. Somebody they could actually love in the dark, crazy, shadowy world they existed in.
But that’s exactly what they found.
Can their passion and their love survive in a world of violence and death? Can they somehow navigate the tricky waters of two people – humans and Dragonborn – who will kill to keep them apart? Can they somehow build a life together, despite the overwhelming and deadly obstacles?
Genre: Romance, Paranomal


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