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Guest Bed by Luke P Narlee
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Overview: In this highly engaging debut novel, Luke P. Narlee intricately weaves romance, mystery, and psychological suspense as a marriage in trouble opens the door to temptation and turmoil.

Ron’s day is off to a bad start. Blinded by frustration after another argument with his wife, and heartbroken that his marriage may be over, he accidentally crashes his car on his way to work. Dazed, he takes the train the rest of the way, where he is quickly delighted by the presence of another rider, Courtney, whose smoldering smile makes him remember what it feels like to be wanted.

What seems like a new friendship quickly turns into temptation, leaving Ron torn with internal conflict and guilt. But when his new friend starts to seem a little off, he begins to question her motives. As one seemingly harmless favor leads to another, Ron soon finds himself wondering if Courtney really is who she says she is, or if she’s actually part of an elaborate setup.

Steep with tension, this roller coaster of emotions takes the reader behind closed doors to explore the conundrum of love, life and the unexpected.

“In Guest Bed, Luke Narlee weaves a romantic tale that turns both tragic and comic, revealing the ins and outs of marriage, and how sometimes after you think you’ve known someone forever, they can still surprise you.” – Christopher Barzak, author of Wonders of the Invisible World
Genre: Thriller


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