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Fly Away, Paul by Peter Davies (1974)
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Overview: Old King Cole, the tyrannical director of a Montreal home for unwanted boys, rules the lives of his charges with a soul-destroying mixture of hypocrisy and intimidation. Dalton House is a place where boys run the gamut of vicious beatings, sexual terrorization, and group vengeance, amid the deadening routine of institutionalized hopelessness.

Rejected by his alcoholic mother, and filled with angry disgust by the brutality that surrounds him, fourteen-year-old Paul dreams constantly of escape. The death of his best friend and the loss of his girlfriend, whose father forbids her to see a boy “from that goddam home’’, force Paul to make a desperate bid for freedom before his body and his spirit are broken. Peter Davies has written a compelling story, totally convincing in its picture of boys’ fantasies, rivalries, feuds, and sexual tensions.
Genre: Fiction, coming-of-age


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