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Fire trilogy by Linda Ladd (#1-#3)
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Overview: Since she was a little girl, Linda Ladd has always been a romantic-loving nothing more than to lose herself completely in the far-away times and places of great novelists such as Jane Austen, Margaret Mitchell, and the Bronte sisters. Little did she dream that someday she would be transporting legions of her own fans into exciting love stories where darkly handsome heroes swept away beautiful, high-spirited heroines.
Her novels have been enjoyed by millions since her first historical romance, WILDSTAR, hit the shelves in 1984. Since then she has penned 14 best-selling historical novels, which have been acclaimed by readers and booksellers alike.
An award-winning author with a loyal following all over the world, Ms. Ladd resides in Missouri with her husband.
Genre: Historical Fiction, Romance


1. Frost Fire
Their love, born out of the ravages of war, cannot be denied. One woman, intent on avenging her dishonor, begins a journey that will lead her to the passion and surrender at the edge of the abyss.

2. Midnight Fire
Carlisle Kincaid is as untouchable and unresponsive in her beautiful perfection as a marble statue. Educated by devout nuns in a strict convent, she instinctively repudiates the attentions of any man, denying the haughty and reckless nature promised in her burning gaze. Chase Lancaster, a rugged adventurer on his own, is sworn to protect her seemingly indomitable virtue…while he struggles to deny the enchantment she casts over him. As a revolutionary war rages around them, they are sundered by mistrust and the strain of divided loyalties—even as they continue to be drawn together by need and desire. Will they fall prey to the treacherous longings raging in their souls as the ravages of war devastate everything around them?

3. Dragon Fire
Windsor Richmond is a stunning beauty—-sapphires glint from her eyes, capturing the attention of any man who stands in her way. However, her heart is not for any man, because she is the disciple of a secret Asian sect, trained in martial arts and the ways of ancient knowledge. Now she must serve the desires of her order, which sends her across the vastness of the American frontier with the fires of revenge as her only companion. On a train heading west she meets the handsome and rugged Stone Kincaid. He is drawn to the passion that burns in her eyes and to her tempestuous beauty. Little does he know that she is driven by her desire for revenge…and she believes him to be the enemy she seeks! Only lust can bring them together to defy the fates that strain to keep them apart.

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