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Field Guide to Produce: How to Identify, Select, and Prepare Virtually Every Fruit and Vegetable at the Market By Aliza Green
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Overview: Grocery store aisles and farmers’ market stalls are more colourful than ever, with heaping piles of familiar and strange produce. Sure, you’ll recognise apples, pears, lettuce, and celery, but would you know quince, amaranth, jicama, or kumquats if you saw them? And no matter what you purchased, would you know how to eat it? The answers to these questions and more can be found in Field Guide to Produce, a handy reference to nearly every fruit and vegetable imaginable. If you’ve never seen the item before, flip through the colour section to find a photograph of it, and then refer to its full description. In the descriptive pages, you’ll learn just what to look for in an ideal piece – whether at its sweetest, crispest, or most flavourful. You’ll also find out about its country of origin and growing season. Step-by-step directions teach you how to prep the item before eating it (whether you need to peel it, blanch it, or eat only a certain part), and particular flavour affinities are listed to help you prepare it successfully.
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