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Empire Dying (Into Darkness Book 1) by James Safrit
Requirements: ePUB / MOBI / AZW Reader, 639KB
Overview: An ancient empire finally breaks under the weight of modernity.

But there is still some magic in the world…
Zara Baker is suddenly pulled away from the life she knows in the bustling port city she calls home when the sorceress Alessandra sees something special in her. But there are others in search of Zara as well. Oni — legendary demons out of fairy tales — have an interest in her as well. She must follow Alessandra into the unknown to discover her own potential, and why she is hunted.

The unwilling few
Sergeant Rook is serving the last three weeks of his career in the imperial capital, ready to muster out with his pension and put the soldier’s life behind him. Unfortunately, his very ambivalence about the political struggles in the heart of the empire ensure he is caught in the middle of a struggle between a derided emperor, a revolution to overthrow him, and a reactionary nobility trying to turn back the clock against modernity. He and his friend Emund find themselves in control of an ancient item that can prevent civil war — by making those that hold it so powerful that they cannot be opposed. Rook must discern which side — if any — is to be trusted with it.
Genre: Fiction; Fantasy


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