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DNA Nanotechnology for Bioanalysis:From Hybrid DNA Nanostructures to Functional Devices by Giuseppe Arrabito,‎ Liqian Wang
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Overview: This book is intended for non-specialists and students, presenting a unique introduction to the field of DNA nanotechnology. The primary focus is on the extraordinary advantages of specificity and sensitivity obtained by integrating DNA nanostructures in bioanalytical devices.DNA Nanotechnology for Bioanalysis provides a concise and rigorous description for the fabrication of various types of functional nanostructures by optimized software-aided high-yield synthesis. Following this is the explanation of methods to decorate these nanostructures with molecules such as proteins, metal nanoparticles or bioorganic moieties covalently bonded onto DNA via self-assemblage processes. Also provided is a concise review on non-canonical DNA structures (such as G-quadruplexes) and their targeting by small molecules for applications in pharmacology. Finally, it describes the exciting applications of DNA nanostructures in life sciences and nanomedicine, including ultraspecific molecular delivery, control of cell behaviour, analysis of cell lysate and DNA-based nano-tools for super-resolution sub-cellular imaging.
Genre: Non-Fiction> Biological Sciences


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