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Dimmest Of Night by Jennifer Anderson (Dimmest Of Night Series)
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Overview: Carma Danielson was pretty sure her life was a cursed joke, starting with her name. Going through childhood being an empath was difficult enough, but to be able to discern lies took things to a whole new level. Dating life, non-existent. Friends? Who needs them when every other word out of their mouths were lies.
Now being an adult, her life and her abilities were heading into a downward spiral. Carma’s abilities were progressing at break neck speed. Progressing so much so that now her body was reacting with pain so blinding that functioning was becoming impossible. Enter fallen angel, and warrior, Blane. He’s tough, gorgeous, scary and has been sent to protect her. His latest assignment, she is the one ticket to earning his path back into the Heavens. She isn’t just any assignment and he finds out just how difficult and dangerous this task is going to be. With every demon in hell gunning to use her abilities, or make her a trophy, she has become a major liability. She is stubborn, beautiful, mouthy and he is constantly saving her neck. Through all of this, she has found a way of infiltrating his heart. Will he risk everything, including his wings to save her life? Or will she give up her life to ensure he goes on living without her?
Genre: Fiction, Romance


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