Download CvPad+ v2.9.07 Full for Android

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CvPad Plus is the most powerful and fully featured Unit converter, Currency converter and Calculator. It’s a simple but the most powerful unit converter. (15,000,000+ downloads for Ad-free version). CvPad Plus is intuitive and easy to use. Features fast, real time currency and unit conversion in a clean interface.


  • Universal Unit converter and Calculator
    . Real-time conversion and calculation
    . Unit Comparison Table
    . Direct Arithmetic Calculation
    . Country-Specific Units
    . Wikipedia Search for additional Unit information
  • Currency conversions
    . Option for selecting favorite exchange rate
    . Support 160+ Currencies
  • Multiple languages support
    . Supports 25 languages.
    . Supports 2 preferences as primary & secondary languages.
  • Customizing feature for Favorite Units
    . Favorite Categories and Units
    . Various Sorting option
  • User-defined Categories and Units
    . User-defined units in built-in categories
    . User’s own categories and units
    . Formula(functional form) support for user-defined units.
  • Various Setting option
    . Various Color Themes
    . Backup/Restore User-defined Units on SD Card
  • Steam tables
    . Thermodynamic Steam tables

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