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Court-Martial (Horatio Logan Chronicles Book 2) by Chris Hechtl
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Overview: When newly promoted Rear Admiral Horatio Logan returned to Bek carrying orders to relieve the current chain of command, he knew it wasn’t going to go well. But his orders were clear, as was his duty so the moment Ilmarinen translated down from hyperspace he transmitted Admiral Irons orders faithfully.

Sure enough things went from bad to worse as he was promptly arrested, brigged, and then sent to detention to await a formal Court-Martial.

However his broadband transmission sent the Republic into a tailspin. As the Court-Martial proceeded, the Republic teetered ever closer to the brink of all out civil war. Horatio is left with a choice, sacrifice his career and his honor by falling on his sword to stop the civil war, or maintain his faith in the service and all it stands for.

But, one thing he does know, he is a Federation flag officer, stubborn to the core and willing to go the distance even if it costs him his life!
Genre: Fiction; Sci-fi/Fantasy


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