Download Phone Battery for Android Wear v1.1.4

Phone Battery for Android Wear v1.1.4
Requirements: Varies with device (Tested on 6.0)
Overview: Get alerted on your Android Wear when your Phone battery reaches full charge!


Check the battery level of your phone any time by opening up the app on your Android Wear Watch.

Note: You can also check your watch’s battery level with the phone side application!

✓ Wear 1.0 support
✓ Wear 2.0 support
✓ Phone charged notification on watch
✓ Watch charged notification on phone
✓ Easily turn on/off notifications in settings
✓ Check phone battery from watch
✓ Check watch battery from phone
✓ Watch ambient mode support
✓ Watch battery level widget for phone launcher (NEW!)


Bug fixes and optimized widget functionality

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Download Axel Watch Face v1.0.6

Axel Watch Face v1.0.6
Requirements: 6.0+
Overview: Axel is interactive and modern watch face for Android Wear 1.* and AW 2.* devices with App Shortcuts and Complications


★Interactive Watch Face for Android Wear 2.0 and 1.* !★
Axel is interactive and modern watch face for Android Wear 1.* and AW 2.* devices with App Shortcuts and Complications

Not compatible with Samsung Gear S2 or S3

Axel Watch Face brings to your watch military look with it’s modern and unique design, while keeping in mind the true intention of smart watches. Every detail is a representation of professional design and craftsmanship.

IMPORTANT: In order Weather to update – GPS and/or Internet/Wi-Fi should be turned ON on your handheld device! If you have AW 2.0 watch then you can add Weather app complication.

Axel – perfectly works on all Android Wear 2.0 and 1.* devices.
– All Android Wear devices: Moto 360 ( moto360 ), Moto 360 2015 ( 42mm, 46mm ), LG Watch Urbane ( lgwu ), Huawei Watch, LG G Watch R ( lgwr ), LG G Watch W100 ( lgwg ), Sony Smartwatch 3 ( sw3 ), Asus ZenWatch ( zenwatch 1 & 2 ), Samsung Gear Live
– Round and Square smartwatches

Features of Axel:

★ Date
★ Time
★ Day of the Week
★ Month
★ App Shortcuts!
★ Complications! (AW 2.0!)
★ Millions of colors!
★ Interactive mode: tap the watch face logo to change the colors randomly
★ Digital time
★ Analog time
★ Type any Label you want
★ Watch battery
★ Mobile battery
★ Weather(AW2.0!)
★ Step count
★ Ambient mode: Full and Minimal
★ Mobile handheld companion app for customization
★ Preview screen while changing styles/colors on mobile device
★ Change “Axel” label whatever you want

Customize your Axel:

★ Choose any color you want with color picker
★ Choose any color for Phone battery and Watch battery indicator
★ Choose your favorite 4 App Shortcuts to display on the watch face
★ Choose between 12/24 hour mode
★ Use stopwatch to track your short term actions
★ Step count gives you daily total steps count!
★ Pick your Weather unit: C/F
★ Determine weather refresh periodicity
★ Turn On/Of Interactivity
★ Choose between Full and Minimal Ambient modes
★ Change Label “Axel” to what you prefer

Interactivity of watch face added:
★ Tap the Axel logo on watch face to change the colors randomly!
★ Tap between 10 and 11 clock position to show/hide the App Shortcut Menu
★ Tap one of the 4 chosen shortcuts to open the App
★ Tap between 1 and 2 clock position to randomly change color of the watch and phone battery indicator

Step count:
★Steps will be automatically synced over a period of time, if steps lost after connecting to your phone, don’t worry, they will be synchronized after a while. Steps work through HISTORY_API.★

IMPORTANT: For the first time please choose your App Shortcuts in your mobile

Please, if you have trouble with the app in sort of any kind, send us an email before submitting a bad review. We would solve the issue instantly 24/7.
Our e-mail:

How do I install the watch face on Android Wear 1. ?
1. After install open Android Wear App –> Settings –> and run ‘Re-sync app’ from the Android Wear app, wait at least 10 minutes.
2. Long press your watch and choose Axel as your watch face, or select the watch face using the Android Wear app.
3.And if it doesn’t show up again please restart you phone and watch, then pair again.

How do I install the watch face on Android Wear 2.0?
1. Install directly from watch’s Play Store or Install the companion app from Google Play Store on your phone.
2. Turn WiFi, open Google Play Wear Store on your watch, scroll down, you will see watchfaces that need to be installed, then install.

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What’s New:

Fixed force close bug in some android wear devices ;)

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Download Watch Face – Minimal & Elegant v3.8.3.056 [Paid]

Watch Face – Minimal & Elegant v3.8.3.056 [Paid]
Requirements: 4.3+
Overview: Highly Customizable Digital & Analog Watch Face with huge online Collection in one perfect application!


One purchase! One low price and no limits.
Enjoy over 30.000 watch faces from our online library.

Compatible with all Android Wear watches.

★ Check out the example Gallery:
and make sure that it is worth purchasing the app.

Nothing is impossible with Minimal and Elegant so get the app now and enjoy:
– maximum watch-face customization
– multitude of great features
– universally famous Little Words and Magic Backgrounds
– lots of interactive functions
– neat design and user friendly settings panel
– long-awaited option to hide an icon
– regular upgrades
– perfect customer service

Watch face settings are accessible via Icon Launcher, Android Wear Application on the phone or directly on the Android Wear 2.0 watch.

★ Analog functions allowing you to create a brand-new look of you smart watch
★ ONLINE LIBRARY with hundreds of presets updated on daily basis
★ Tasker Support
★ Android Wear 2.0 integration

★ Minimal & Elegant OPTIONS:

– Create, save, import or share your own presets
– G+ Presets Community
– Central Online Library (all in one place)

– Famous (Animated) Little Worlds – G+ LW Community:
– Magic Backgrounds (custom images)
– Side Lights (in Magic Backgrounds)
– Color Scheduler to program color changes
– Presets Scheduler (separate app)
– Steps – Google Fit

– change colors of all the elements
– add gradients for background
– enjoy Full Color or Black & White Dim mode

– use a variety of fonts and font sizes

– 12 or 24 hour digital watch display
– analog watch display
– multiple Time Zones
– weather information – icon or text
– two weather providers (additional external weather option)

– add custom info texts with special tags
– watch and Phone battery levels
– custom date formats (check TAGS info)
– use Emojiin custom text
– control text appearance
– use Tasker variables

– screen-off custom time (5-60s)
– change notification cards size
– transparent notification cards option
– display line on top of Dim card option
– set visibility of notification cards in DIM
– positions for system indicators

– Run any app installed on your Watch
– Apply Next Preset
– Music Controls (Play/Pause etc.) (on phone)
– Control Spotify
– Control Pocket Casts
– Open Settings
– System Apps (Flash, Timer, etc.)
– Control Brightness
– Open Voice Assistant
– Mute Un-mute (on phone)
– Phone Flashlight (on phone)
– Voice Recording (on phone)
– Visibility of side numbers on watch face
Run / Show:
– Agenda
– Android Wear Weather
– Motorola BODY (NEW)
– Motorola Steps (OLD)
– Motorola Heart Rate (OLD)
– Motorola Health (OLD)
– Google Translate
– Google Maps
– Google Keep
– Google Music
– Hangouts
– Stopwatch
– Asus Wellness
– Asus UP by Jawbone
– Asus Compass
– TellMeTheTime (on phone)

Designed for Android Wear System only

Join our beta community and be the first to familiarize with all new features:

Asus ZenWatch (all models)
Fossil Q (all models)
Huawei Watch
LG Watch Sport
LG Watch Style
LG G Watch R ( lgwr )
LG G Watch W100 ( lgwg )
LG Urbane ( lgwu )
LG Urbane 2 LTE
Moto 360
Moto 360 2015
Nixon ( The Mission )
Samsung Gear Live
Sony Smartwatch 3 ( sw3 )
TAG Heuer

Minimal & Elegant is a premium and thoroughly tested application.
In case of any problems, don’t rate it 1-star, instead please contact us on:


Quick link to our Watch Faces Cloud:
★ ★
Thousands of watchfaces for free! &
– Additional 4th extra line for Custom Texts
– Animate Gifs for Little Worlds can be used with any size
– Fixes for Interactive functions: Timer, Alarm
– New fonts
In case of any watchface question feel free to use in-app Help & Support functions.

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Download Ksana Sweep Watch Face v1.4.3 [Paid]

Ksana Sweep Watch Face v1.4.3 [Paid]
Requirements: Varies with device
Overview: Highly customizable analog & digital interactive Android Wear watch face app

Ksana Sweep combines classic style with ultra modern smartwatch features & offers a multitude of customization’s.


Use any of the provided backgrounds, or add your own via a Wear 2.0 complication app. Choose an accent color that blends with your background. Perhaps a smooth sweeping second hand & roman numerals?

You can customize Ksana Sweep to be very informative with step counter, calendar, world clock, watch & phone battery level indicators, digital clock, date, missed calls, unread text messages, app shortcuts to installed apps + any complications provided by other apps (e.g. weather, sports & fitness data) on Android Wear 2.0.

Or you can be more minimalistic. Perhaps just date, calendar, battery & a world clock?
And – no matter how you want Ksana Sweep to look, & what complications you want to display – you can make changes from both your watch & phone!

A top modern, clean, elegant & luxury watch face for both round & square Android Wear watches.

5 interactive areas

• Upper top
• Lower top
• Left
• Right
• Bottom

With a tap on a content area it will expand & display its content in more detail.

Ex 1: If you’ve chosen date for lower top area it will display the date in short form when minimized, & a full calendar view with the day of month highlighted when maximized.

Ex 2: When a Step counter is chosen for a content area it will display your steps when minimized, & both steps & step goal (with larger text) when maximized.

To open a full details view, either double tap or tap a maximized complication’s top right action button.


• Data provided by installed apps (with Wear 2.0 complication: e.g. weather, activity tracking & fitness)
• Steps (Google Fit)
• Date (day, month, weekday)
• Calendar
• World clocks (multi time zones [world time, not just dual; but quadruple]. Up to 3 analog & 1 digital world clocks for any time zone, custom name [e.g. NYC for New York])
• Missed calls (+excerpt of last call)
• Unread SMS (+excerpt of last text message)
• Watch battery level
• Phone battery level
• Watch & phone battery levels combined
• 24/12 hour digital clocks
• Brand / custom text
• Logo: monogram, emoji


• Change accent color
• Change background (carbon, metal, linen, space, black, or custom on wear 2.0)
• Multiple ambient modes
• Adjust second hand (sweeping, ticking or off [no second hand])
• Choose dial numerals / numbers (western arabic [12,11], roman [XI, I] or off [no dial numerals])
• Add app shortcuts to any app. Not just built-in apps such as Weather or Heart rate. Perhaps a shortcut for a health & fitness app to a Pedometer?
• Personalize monogram
• Customize text below logo
• Modify notification cards
• Modify display sleep
• Presets (save, apply, import & share watch faces)
• Let it snow on your watch (& choose when you want that Christmas feeling / snowfall effect [immediately or around Christmas])
• Force English language for months & weekdays
• Burn-in protected
• Ambient mode as luxury & carefully designed as interactive mode.
• Ultimate readability
• Adjusts for chin (e.g. Moto 360)

Watch face settings

All customization’s can – unlike on many watch faces – be done from your watch.

Settings on smartwatch:

– Long press the watch face

Settings via phone:

– tap Ksana Sweep icon on your phone
– or tap Ksana Sweep gear icon in the Android Wear app (in the list of watch faces)
– or tap "Open on phone" in Ksana settings on your smartwatch

Designed for Android Wear watches such as

Moto 360, Moto 360 v2 / Sport
TAG Heuer
Fossil Q
Michael Kors
LG Watch Sport / Style / Urbane
LG G Watch / R
Samsung Gear Live
Asus ZenWatch
Nixon Mission
Polar M600
Sony Smartwatch 3
Movado Connect

Ksana Sweep Community



★ Complete Android Wear 2.0 compatibility with Wear 2.0 complications. Supports both Android & iPhone paired Android Wear watches. ★
v 1.4.3
– Fix for missed calls status not synking with watch
– Hopefully a fix for phone app crash on Asus ZenFone 4 Max.
v 1.4.2
– More battery efficient syncing between Ksana phone app & watch face.
– Fix for phone battery complication not updating on Android 8.
– Final fix (hopefully) for phone app crash on Asus ZenFone 4 Max.

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