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Calm Your Mind: Break The Cycle Of Anxiety, Stress, Unhappiness, Exhaustion, And Find Peace In A Rushed World by Steven Schuster
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Overview: If you’re desperate to slow down and find inner peace, mindfulness is the solution you’re looking for.
In Calm Your Mind, bestselling author Steven Schuster will help you to find back your way to the present moment following a few simple yet powerful principles. They don’t require more than a few minutes of practice daily. Their impact, however, is monumental with long-term benefits. Improve your focus and productivity. The book will not only show you the best practices to find peace of mind but will also help you transform these practices into daily, automatic habits. The wholeness you’re so keen to find is already within you. Practicing mindfulness is the key to channel those parts of your brain.
Genre: Non Fiction > Self Help


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