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Brooklyn Brothel by C. Stecko
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Overview: The saying, I Love New York, brings chills to Chantel Ramsey’s heart. For her, New York is a place of hatred, brutality, and self destruction. With her life on the line, she takes her new gritty environment in Brooklyn by storm. New tensions surface when she enters a new brothel where every conniving tenant is for herself. Conflict heats up when Chantel figures out she has to become just as ruthless and treacherous as her co-workers. Determined to end up on top, she uses her luscious body, and undeniable street skills to rake in the cash, and turn her life around. However, there’s one problem that lurks in the darkness; pimps don’t lay down easily. Chantel ends up running for her life with the possibility of being put six feet under.
Genre: Thriller


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