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Bloody Gullets by Michael Golvach
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Overview: Do you feel like a little light reading, or do you prefer your short stories dark?
When the average circular saw tears through flesh, meat or anything that lives, breathes and bleeds, no matter how long you let it run afterward, the teeth will be sparkling clean when it finally comes to a stop. But the evidence of the damage is still there. Because of its functional design, the blood wells up in the gullets. Those places where the teeth intersect.
The stories in this collection don’t represent the teeth.
They represent the spaces in between.
The places where things can get ugly.
Still, and this is just common sense, watch out for the teeth. Without them doing the heavy lifting, the gullets never get fed.
Genre: Dark Contemporary Fiction


・ How can you commit the perfect crime when you don’t know you’re doing it?
・ When every day is your first, how can you be sure it won’t be your last?
・ If God and the Devil worked together to achieve world peace, how could we to stop them? And why would we?
・ When humanity develops the perfect mind virus, how could you ensure anyone’s survival?
・ How can you ever really exact revenge on a dead man? And how many times is enough?
These are just a few of the recesses explored in this collection of dark speculative fiction.

Stories included:
Infamous G
Soft Focus
Led Dogs
Object Lesson
Broken Metre
Cycle 156
Dead Men I: One To Go
Dead Men II: Bad Chemistry
Dead Men III: Cash 4 Guns
Small Deaths
No Women, No Children
Four Leaf Clover
The Ends
Bloody Gullets
Infection Is The Game

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