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Big Stupid by Victor Gischler (Popcorn #1)
Requirements: EPUB Readder, 357 KB
Overview: Payne Kirby is a good old boy from Louisiana. He’s lazy. He drinks too much. When his brother Ray offers Payne an opportunity to fund his slack-ass lifestyle, Payne jumps at the chance.Ray is a bail bondsman and calls in Payne to track down a skipped getaway thief. He sends Payne to Baton Rouge where the local thugs hook him up with a “tour guide” to show him around town.Enter Big Stupid. In Payne’s words, Big Stupid looks like “the black guy from The Green Mile ate Andre the giant.” At first Payne is impatient with his new hulking, slow-witted sidekick, but as they continue to track the money through the steaming summer cities of Baton Rouge and New Orleans, they become a team. Meanwhile, a Cat-4 hurricane brews in the Gulf and is headed straight for New Orleans…
Genre: Fiction, Pulp Mystery


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