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Big Hard Bodyguard by Jack Ellison (Dominant Protectors Book 1)
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Overview: I was supposed to protect her, not fall in love with her. Strictly professional. But now I’ll do anything to make her mine…
I’m a bodyguard. Best in the business. I don’t come cheap, but I’m worth every penny.So when some rich tech billionaire wants to hire me to watch over his precious daughter while she parties her way across Europe, I’m dreading it. I’m a bodyguard, not a babysitter.But as it turns out, his daughter Chloe ain’t your typical spoiled rich kid. And this ain’t your typical protection job.The Russian mafia want access to her father’s secretive new tech, and they’ll do anything to get their hands on it.What started out as a simple job turns into something much more. And when I start to develop feelings for Chloe, things get personal.I’d kill for her. And I might just have to…
The first time I see him, I write him off as just a typical meathead. He’s huge, a mountain of muscle, and just about as quiet.I never asked for him to come along. But my Dad’s overprotective, and he won’t even let me go traveling without Mr. Muscles in tow.But as I spend more time with him, I start to see that icy facade crack a little…and I like what I see. Axel’s a ruthless killer, sure – but there’s more to him than that, and I find myself intrigued.As it turns out though, my Dad’s worries were justified. We’re being followed, by bad men who are willing to do worse things to get what they want.I feel safe with Axel by my side…but can he protect me against an entire gang of trained killers?
Genre: Romance


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