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Being Transgender: What You Should Know by Thomas E. Bevan
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Overview: With transgender people visibly achieving fame in entertainment, the literary world, and other arenas, increasing numbers of transgender people are choosing to publicly announce that they are transgender. All of this has brought transgender people and the associated issues of being transgender into mainstream discourse. The demand for fact-based, scientific information on being transgender has never been higher. Written by a transgender person who is also a physiological psychologist, this book is the first for general readers that explains what is known about transgender causation, what life as a transgendered individual is like, and the science involved in living a transgender life.

This book serves to improve understanding of being transgender among general audiences including transgender readers by describing the science and experience of being transgender. It supplies an enlightening understanding of what if feels like to be transgender, when it starts, the many paths for living a transgender life, and methods to face challenges such as bullying and rejection. It provides a worldview that transgender people are neither broken nor diseased, but rather that they exhibit transgender behavior because of a biological predisposition for which there is solid scientific evidence.
Genre: Non-Fiction, Reference, Guide


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