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Azure Automation Using the ARM Model: An In-Depth Guide to Automation with Azure Resource Manager by Shijimol Ambi Karthikeyan
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Overview: Focus exclusively on the Azure Resource Manager (ARM) deployment model for Azure automation and gain in-depth knowledge of topics such as runbook authoring, different types of automation runbooks, and hybrid cloud automation. This book covers practical approaches to creating runbooks for multiple use cases, including operational tasks such as VM management and integration of Azure automation with infrastructure monitoring solutions, such as Operations Management Suite (OMS).
Along the way you’ll see how to use PowerShell in Azure automation and cover essentials including Azure automation security, source control integration, and runbook output streams. Finally, you learn about integrating Azure automation with Desired State Configuration (DSC) to include various cloud, on-premise, and hybrid scenarios.
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What You Will Learn
· Work with the building blocks of Azure automation
· Create different types of runbook
· Master hybrid cloud automation with ARM
· Implement cloud automation use cases with practical examples

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