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Awaken by Georgina Kane (Ethan Drake Chronicles #1)
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Overview: The world as we know it has been ravaged by famine and disease. Those who survived have spent years rebuilding mankind into an advanced society. In Daventry, humans live without question of liberty, authority or even the ability to dream. A citizens life depends on their placement within the Sectors of society. Sixteen-year-old Ethan Drake is awkward and quiet, without a lot of friends. Plagued by nightmares of people and places he doesn’t recognize, Ethan struggles to fit in. Much to his classmates surprise, he is placed in the esteemed Technology Sector, alongside the city’s most powerful leaders. Desperate to be rid of his frightful dreams, Ethan turns to his mentor, Dr. Godrik Stevens, a geneticist, who helps him discover the truth about his past.
But with the truth comes a terrifying secret that threatens the entire human race. Now he must cope with the knowledge of Daventry’s dark history while attempting to stop the city’s immoral use of genetic modification. Not everyone agrees with Ethan and soon he finds himself in the middle of a war. As new enemies emerge, and more troubling secrets come to light, Ethan must choose between the answers he so desperately seeks or saving the city he calls home.
Genre: YA Dystopian


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