Download QR Code Reader (No Ads) v0.6.4/P APK for Android +4.1

Requirements: 4.1+


Scan all kinds of QR codes and barcodes. Quickly access functions relevant to your scans: For example, add contact data to your address book or connect to a WiFi hotspot with a single click. Easily share arbitrary data such as website links by displaying them on your screen as a QR code and scanning them with another device.

Supported QR codes:
• website links (URL)
• contact data (MeCard, vCard, vcf)
• calendar events
• WiFi hotspot access information
• geo locations
• phone call information
• email, SMS and MATMSG

Barcodes and two-dimensional codes:
• article numbers (EAN-8, EAN-13, UPC, JAN, GTIN-13)
• Codabar or Codeabar
• Code 39, Code 93 and Code 128
• Interleaved 2 of 5 (ITF)
• PDF417
• GS1 DataBar (RSS-14)
• Aztec Code
• Data Matrix

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Download Unit Converter – PRO v1.1.8 APK for Android +2.3

Requirements: 2.3 and up


First, try out the free version, please purchase the paid version.
This app is an ad-free paid version.

This application of the function
– Length Converter
– Weight Converter
– Width Converter
– Volume converter
– Rate Converter
– Temperature transducer
– Pressure Transducer
Please use tab.

In terms of unit you want, the conversion makes.

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Download Smart Screen On Off & Lock PRO v1.5.4 APK for Android +4.1

Requirements: 4.1 and up


Auto Screen On/Off is a great application provides the turn on/off feature by double touch without power button. In this applications you'll be own the great feature just only appear on advance model phone. Many attractive features like auto-off screen, battery saving sleep mode, widget off screen with one touch …

Now you no longer have to use power button to unlock screen or turn off the monitor. If you usually use the power button it will doesn't work. So how to solve this problem that we produced the double touch application to turn off screen. It supports: slide to unlock, double touch to turn off screen, auto turn off phone. Open automatically or manually turn off the screen display when the phone in his pocket…

Especially, The beautiful designed interfaces of application as well as the off-screen effects such as: Scale Old TV, Blink, Shake, TV Static … This will be the workhorse for you to unlock the screen by double touch or turn off the monitor automatically opens.

Features of screen on off by double touch:

– The sensor will automatically detect, and auto power on / off screen to help you.
– Widget off screen with one touch
– Auto screen off when put your phone into pocket.
– The advance features double touch to turn off the screen
– Double touch screen off is minisize
– Slide to lock the screen in double tap lock screen application
– The interface is beautiful designed
– Supports multiple off-screen effects, double click screen to lock
– Touch the screen anywhere to turn off the screen
– Unlock screen without using power button
– Simple and crystals interface, screen turn off effect
– No annoying ads in turn off screen application
– Optimization is not consuming battery

Rating 5* if you like the knock double tap for lock screen application

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Download Camera Blocker PRO – Anti Spyware v1.2.5 APK for Android +4.0

Requirements: 4.0 and up


Camera blocker is an anti spy tool. Camera blocker will disable and block your phone camera and give full camera protection against application like Spyware,Viruses, Malware and Surveillance.

Camera blocker will block access of camera to all apps and whole android system (NO ROOT REQUIRED).

Privacy protection is very important for every individual. In Android platform many applications are available that using Camera Permission.They might take photo or record video any time in background without knowing to you and may transfer to web. Camera Blocker – Anti Spyware will protect your privacy by blocking phone camera access against spyware and malicious apps.

The best part of this app is that app itself doesn't require Camera Permission. so your phone camera is 100% protected, even our app can't be use your camera.

For free users
Free version of app doesn't have any limit in camera block protection so free user will get 24/7 full camera block protection.

Camera Blocker Features

24/7 full camera block protection or security from spyware, malware or any type of unethical camera access.

Block and protect camera by single tap on widget or notification.

Automatic camera block on specified time interval.

Notification app launcher for temporary camera access to selected app.

See app list that using camera permission.

See each camera permission app statistic and probable risk level.

Get notified when new app installed with camera permission

Support of front and back camera

No root needed.

No battery drain.

Quick and easy to use

Camera Blocker will Protect Against

✔ Spyware
✔ Malware
✔ Viruses
✔ Background and Unethical Camera Use
✔ Misuse of Camera by Others

Most Uses

✔ Block, Disable, Shield and Protect Camera against unethical and spyware app threats.
✔ Camera Restriction from children's or friends and make mobile cameraless.
✔ Camera blocker will detect all camera apps.

Download now the best camera blocker app at market.


Q.1. Is Camera Blocker have Camera Permission?
Ans. No, Camera Blocker doesn't have camera permission and Camera Blocker itself can't access camera.

Q.2. How to uninstall Camera Blocker? Why i can't able to uninstall app from settings?
Ans. For blocking camera, app using administrator function so app can be uninstall using two ways.
1.Open app and you will see "Uninstall application" button at bottom. OR
2. Go to Android Settings- Security-Device administrator – just unchecked camera blocker and uninstall app normally.
(It's our humble request, If you don't getting how to uninstall app then please contact us before giving any bad reviews or ratings, we will definitely help you.)

Note: if have any suggestions regarding app do not hesitate to tell us. just contact us at

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Download Weather from NOAA v5.7.1 APK for Android +4.0.3

Requirements: 4.0 and up


Weather from NOAA presents the latest news and emergency updates from the National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration. Included is: ocean storms, including the latest information for the Atlantic and Pacific cyclone basins; mainland storms, including the latest severe weather alerts; worldwide animated satellite views; images from the Environmental Visualization Laboratory; marine information from the National Data Buoy Center; the ultraviolet index. The content can be shared by email and on any social media installed on the device. All data is courtesy of NOAA, NASA and others where indicated.

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Download System Tweaker PRO [root] v2.0.1 (Patched) APK for Android +4.0

Requirements: 4.0 and up


Speeding up your device has never been so easy! With this program you can really speed up your device, increase powersaving and etc!

Important! The program requires Root!
Before using the program, make system backup!

x86 devices are not supported!


Sources (FREE):

✪ optimized for all devices based on Android 4.0 and above
✪ has a lot of settings and functions (see below)
✪ has a nice Material Design style, beautiful animations
✪ no ads
✪ frequent updates with new features and fixes
✪ very easy, fast, does not load the system, does not work in the background

What can the program?
★ "Speeding up your device in one click"
★ Battery Calibration
★ SD Card Read/Write fix
★ DPI Changer
★ Kernel Tuner
– change min. and max. frequencies
– change Governor-а
– change I/O Sheduler-а
– KSM control (the kernel must support this feature)
– ZRAM control (the kernel must support this feature)
– fast charge control (the kernel must support this feature)
– multi-core power management
– speeding up sdcard read/write speed
– and other
★ Shutdown and restart manager
★ Battery Tweaks
– disable logging
– Power Supply control
– Power Collapse control
– Wifi power saving
– sensors sleep control
– VM battery tweaks
★ Internet Tweaks
– TCP mode changer
– Google DNS enable
– Fast Dormancy
– IPv4 support
– IPv6 support
– etc
★ System Tweaks
– OOM Killer
– Low RAM Flag
– change RAM mode
– improve perfomance
– improve touchscreen work
– Zipalign even boot and once at week
– SQLite optimization even boot and once at week
– increasing the quality of the image on the display device
– Speeding up EXT4 filesystem
– launcher tweaks
– improve scrolling quality and speed
– and etc!
★ Entropy Generator
★ MediaServer и MediaScanner control (enabling/disabling)
★ Media Tweaks
– improve image quality
– AMR WideBand
– acceleration of streaming video
– flash and flashlight tweak
– acceleration of the quality of shooting photos and video
– and etc!
★ GPS Booster (support: Russia, Ukraine, Belarus, Slovakia, Canada, Germany, United Kingdom
★ Varios tweaks
– speeding up booting
– disable bootanimation
– disable ADB icon in statusbar
★ Init.d folder and build.prop file backup (but please make backup via custom recovery)
★ Getting information about the device
– model
– serial number
– device id
– Android version
– bootloader version
– radio version
– rom version
– active language
– Android ID
– PseudoID
– SDK version
– processor
– processor type
– Heap Size
– info about battery (health, voltage, temperature, battery type и т.п)
– screen resolution

Autor: Alexander Kirillov

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Download Wifi Analyzer-Wifi tools (Home Wifi Alert) pro v14.2 APK for Android +4.0.3

Requirements: 4.0 and up


AD Free!

Home Wifi Alert- Wifi Analyzer has been called one of the most impressive wifi analyzers/network analyzers on Google Play. Meticulously protect your WiFi and maximize your connection speed with the wide variety of network utilities and tools. This app is a must-have for a wide range of users from beginners to IT specialist and skilled network administrators.

How it Works?

With one tap it quickly scans your home network and identifies all of the wired and wireless devices that are using the internet connection.

After the scan you’ll be able to see everyone that’s connected to your Wifi in a clean, concise list and instantly discover if any unwanted devices are linked in. Create your very own trusted network with this app by building a trusted list of devices that are welcomed on the network.

The app also displays technical data for each device including the IP address, host name, MAC address, and manufacturer name. All of this information is available to you for devices that are currently connected to your network. If you see an unwanted user you can press the BLOCK button to input the mac address on your mac filtering table on your router to stop their internet usage.

The app also displays your access point, and channel your router is operating on and displays how many neighbors are on the same channel. On the channel rating page, it will rate which channel will be your best option to move to get best results and faster internet speed.

Key functions:

• Network Analyzer:
– Displays IP addresses, MAC addresses, display names, access point you are connected to, and allows you to customize images/icons and edit display names.

• Wifi Strength:
-Wifi tester that shows Wifi signal strength! Also, shows you if you are connected to your internet and displays your routers public IP.

• Access Point Scan:
-Displays all router Access Points in range to you, what their MAC address are, channel they are using, and their db signal strength.

• Access Point Graphs:
-Displays the current channel your router is operating on and displays how many neighbors are on the same channel. On the channel rating page, it will rate which channel will be your best option to set your WiFi to for speed and reliability.

• Connections:
-Displays ALL connections that are currently connected through your device. It displays established foreign connections, listening IP, and closed connections. Each established IP is checked against 35 Backlisted databases to and displays if the IP’s are trusted or known threats!

• Block feature:
– The most useful/unique feature on this wifi analyzer/ network analyzer. Brings you to your devices web interface so you can log in and input unwanted MAC address to the router's filter table to block device from using the internet. Go to to see how to use this function.

• Network Analyzer tools! On the tools tab, the app can provide DNS lookup, Whois data, ping/port scan host names and FQDN scans, and traceroute!

* added Cell data strength gauge tab which displays Network type and Network speed data

Protect yourself
Congested wifi channels and Untrusted (wifi theft) devices slow down your internet connection and put a strain on your Wifi! Don’t overpay for faster internet speeds or suffer with a slow connection, take charge and stop Wifi theft and pick the best wireless channel to be on altogether with Home Wifi Alert – Wifi analyzer.

24 Hour Support
Because of the wide range of functions, I offer free support to help both new and advice professionals with any issues or questions they might have. I respond within 24 hours, please email contact

Get it now!
Free version:
Ad free:

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SnapTube VIP – YouTube Downloader HD Video Beta v4.8.1.8569

Requirements: 2.3.3+Overview: SnapTube – The downloader videos and music easier from YouTube.DOWNLOAD IN MULTIPLE RESOLUTIONSMP4 videos are available in resolutions: choose the small size of 360 pixels or the high-definition 720 pixels.DIRECT MP3 DOWNLOADSDownload any YouTube music video directly as an MP3 file. No extra encoding process or plugin needed. Save space and listen to your favorite music video anytime you want.SEARCH VIDEOS WITH KEYWORDSSearch a video with keywords. Easily find the exact video you want.DISCOVER NEW VIDEOSExplore videos in your favorite categories like Music and Movies. Discover new videos with recommended lists from our curators.MANAGE VIDEO DOWNLOADSPause, cancel or resume a video download. Delete the videos you don’t need anymore. Manage all of your video downloads in one place.WHAT’S NEWMeet The new SnapTubeSnaptube 4.8.1 Beta1. Faster preview of the video available now.2. Recommendations shown based on countries, with brand new design, much quicker in navigation. Set your country manually in ‘Settings’This app has NO advertisementsMore Info:


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Download Morphing Galaxy Visualizer v1.41 APK for Android +3.2

Requirements: 2.2 and up


This is both a colorful music visualizer and a Live wallpaper. It creates a unique and colorful soundscape, when it syncs with your favorite music.

You can choose between 40 different galaxy types like "Plasma galaxy" and "Hypnotic galaxy". 6 different background clouds are included. You can also adjust the speed, the size of the stars and much more. 10 different color themes for the music visualization is included!

Watch as shining, ever changing star patterns and cloud formations unfold. This is perfect for meditation or relaxing, while watching the ever changing and morphing 3D galaxy.


Both a Live wallpaper and a fullscreen visualizer is included. Both of these have music visualization. Choose "Visualizer" from the startscreen to start the fullscreen visualizer. Play your music with any music player, like Spotify or Winamp. The app will then follow and visualize the music.

****How to change the music syncing capabilities****

You can adjust these music syncing capabilities: Music colors, Music colors change rate, Star type, Speed

1) Music colors

The app chooses the colors for the stars based on how the music sounds. This will result in a very colorful music visualization. You can choose between 10 different color themes for this.

2) Music colors change rate

"Smooth music colors" and "mixed music colors" are the default color themes for the music visualization. This is set by default when you install the app. This theme switches between color themes in a random way. It can for instance switch from "red to blue" to "yellow to red". "Music colors change rate" determines how often this switching occurs.


You can adjust the speed of the journey so it harmonizes with the speed of the music. It would be better if this could be done with BPM syncing in the software of the app, but the mobile processors are not powerful enough for this yet.

4) Star type

The type of star shown during music visualization.

General info

"Halo effect" has this colorful music visualization, while a blinking stars visualization without any colors starts instead if "Halo effect" is disabled.

The app will turn to default mode without reacting to the music, when no music is playing or if you disable "music visualization".


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Download GO Keyboard Prime – Emoji, Sticker v3.03 APK for Android +2.3.3

Requirements: 2.1 and up


GO Keyboard – Google Play Best App of 2015 in 20 countries !
– Best keyboard on Google play.
– 200 million users worldwide and personalize their keyboard.

Why is GO Keyboard the best keyboard?

★It`s the Most Useful Helper-Is your typing really slow? Let GO Keyboard help you and make your typing fast and correct!
★It`s the Coolest Friend-Lacking fun for taping and want to be different? Just follow us with personalized emoji keyboard and enjoy smiley emoji, sticker, font to key tone with your friends anytime!
★It`s a keyboard who understands you most-Bored with plain android keyboard? There are 10000+ colorful themes, 100+ fonts and you can slide to input smoothly!

GO Keyboard supports 60+ languages and thousands of themes. The emoji, emoticons and sticker in the keyboard are compatible across all popular apps.

Emoji, Emoticon :
Turn plain text into smiley emoji and emoticons! Communicate with emoji and emotions such as ( ^ω^)! Emoji and emoticons speak 1000 times louder than words! Easy to find emoji and emoticons in keyboard area.
New Sticker:
If you like interesting and cool pictures, we sincerely recommend you some sticker which are popular among millions of users. What's more, our stickers are very convenient to get and you can easily have your favorite sticker!
FREE emoji, emoticons, sticker and other smiley faces (ʘ‿ʘ)
It is free to use a pack of 800 emoticons, emoji, and sticker.

There are 10000+ colorful themes compatible with emoji keyboard and new themes are delivered weekly! You could also set keyboard background wallpaper.

Smart enough to recognize mistyping, provide correction suggestions and make your typing easy.

We offer you over 100 beatiful fonts including Toshiyana, Rayna, Elgtion, Basileia and other popular font.

VARIOUS LAYOUTS, gesture typing and support for tablet device
It provides various layouts such as QWERTY keyboard, QWERTZ and AZERTY keyboard for pad tablet.

TYPE what you speak
Free you with voice input. The more you use it, the better it recognizes what you want and gives you accurate word suggestions.

PRIVACY and security
We will never collect your personal info including credit card information. In fact, we cares for privacy of what you type and who you type!

For more news, follow us on FACEBOOK:
Korean- KO
Malay- MS
Philippines(Tagalog)- TL
Thai- TH
GO Keyboard is a product of Sungy Mobile/Jiubang Digital. Use of this app is governed by Terms of Service: and Privacy Policy:

Find more about Facebook ads here:

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