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A Taste of History Past: Or, That’s Another Fine Myth You’ve Gotten Me Into by F. D. Brant (The Survival, #3)
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Overview: Kal was satisfied with his life working in the family business, and being with his mate Jura. He had never understood why she had accepted his offer to be his mate but found that they worked well together. And if he hadn’t received that gift from his favorite uncle they probably would have been happy to live out their lives in ignorance. He was a descendant of K’jor the warrior leader who had been responsible for the first alliance of the clans and tribes. Supposedly a direct descendant, but with what was known of that time Kal and Jura could never figure out how such could be proved.

The world had been tamed since the time of the clans and tribes. The battles and wars of old were long in the past, and during those times the first great alliance was created, with K’jor responsible for making it happen. Even though, in later times, it disbanded, the seeds had been planted and the future that was their present could be traced back to that first alliance. Still modern history stated that much of what had happened during this period of their history was nothing more than myth.
Genre: Fantasy


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