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A Reason by C.L. Champlain (A Reason, Season, Lifetime #1)
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Overview: ***Contains adult sexual content, not recommended for under 18 years of age.***
Emma and Eva Bellamy have lived with their abusive father all of their lives. They’re used to hiding the bruises and making excuses. When their mom ends up in the hospital in bad shape, people start asking questions. Having already been threatened at gunpoint by their father, they
know they have to continue to lie.
Ryan Pierce has watched Emma for almost a year. He knows she gets hurt at home. He decides he needs to save her and make her his.
Emma has been dating Danny, her best friend for almost a year. She can’t help but lose her breath when she sees Ryan, but she doesn’t want to hurt Danny. When Ryan offers to teach her self defense and protect her and her sister, she can no longer fight how much she wants him. Everything happens for a reason. What would you do to protect your reason?
Genre: Romance


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