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6 Novels by Thomas Fleming
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Overview: Thomas Fleming is an historian and historical novelist, with a special interest in the American Revolution. He was born in 1927 in Jersey City, New Jersey, the son of a World War I hero who was a leader in Jersey City politics for three decades. Before her marriage, his mother, Katherine Dolan Fleming, was a teacher in the Jersey City Public School System.
Genre: Fiction, General


Remember the Morning
Catalyntie is a Dutch woman living in pre-Revolutionary America, struggling to come to terms with the conflicts created by growing up captive in a Seneca Indian village. She shared her captivity with Clara Flowers, an extraordinarily gifted black woman who remains deeply involved in her life. They also share a love for the same man, a brooding giant who, with their help, will slowly discover his American identity.

Dreams of Glory
The men of George Washington’s rebel army shiver in their huts, their bellies empty, their resentment sharper than their swords. Across the frozen Hudson the British carouse in the brothels of New York while their leaders plot to break the deadlock that threatens to bleed the Empire dry.As the British scheme to kidnap George Washington and bring the war to an end in one bold stroke, a tide of espionage ebbs and flows between the opposing armies. Two very different men are sucked into these vicious currents. Both are destined to follow the same path — which leads them to the bewitching embrace of the mysterious Flora Kuyper and the devious grasp of the British spy-master Walter Beckford. This is a world of plot and counterplot, where a night of love could lead to an act of treason and a man’s avowed ideals can fashion a noose around his neck.

When This Cruel War Is Over
They called themselves Sons of Liberty—a revolutionary conspiracy that intended to form a new confederacy in the American heartland—and put an end to the American Civil War. Backed by the South, the Sons launch guerilla attacks against Union troops. The year is 1864, the place Indiana and Kentucky. A time of ruthless censorship, conscription, and a seemingly endless war that has left a half a million Americans dead. Union Major Paul Stapleton falls in love with Janet Todd, courier and evangelist for the Sons of Liberty. Another admirer, Colonel Adam Jameson, readies his Confederate cavalry division to support the Sons’ revolt. The battle for the future of America is about to begin.

The Secret Trial of Robert E. Lee
The Civil War is over, and the South lies in ruins. But for some people, former slaveholders have not been punished enough. A cabal of powerful men, led by Charles A. Dana, the assistant secretary of war, plot to break the spirit of the South once and for all – by convicting General Robert E. Lee of treason and hanging him like a common criminal.

To this end, they have convened a secret military tribunal in Lee’s former home in Arlington, Virginia.

Jeremiah O’Brien of the New-York Tribune, a long-time protégé of Dana’s, is the only reporter allowed to attend the trial. His exclusive reports on this momentous event, and the book he intends to write, will surely make his fortune.

Yet as the trial proceeds, pitting the general against his accusers, O’Brien finds himself torn between his loyalty to Dana, his love for a Confederate spy, and his growing respect and compassion for Lee himself. The young reporter is supposed to be only an observer, but, in the end, it is O’Brien who must evaluate the evidence and determine the true meaning of honor.

Written by New York Times bestselling author and historian Thomas Fleming, The Secret Trial of Robert E. Lee brings to life a fascinating chapter in American history that might well have happened – and perhaps truly did.

A Passionate Girl
Beautiful, rebellious Bess Fitzmaurice is mesmerized by Dan McCaffrey, an American of Irish descent who has come to Ireland to aid the Fenian revolt against British tyranny. He appears in her home on May Eve 1865, fleeing British forces. To Bess, Dan is the mythical Donal Ogue, the hero of a famous Irish poem, returned to rescue Ireland–but right now, he is an American Civil War veteran on the run. Bess and her brother, Michael, get Dan to a ship, and they flee to America.

In 1865, America is a nation ravaged by four years of Civil War. Bess discovers that among the Irish-American Fenians money and power and patriotism are entangled in bewildering and demoralizing ways, while Dan McCaffrey surrenders to the corruption of New York City politics. The Fenians’ invasion of Canada and their goal of holding the English colony hostage for a free Ireland become a hot issue in a power struggle between Democrats and Republicans. When the American federal government double-crosses the Fenians, forcing thousands of Irish Civil War veterans to abandon the Canadian invasion after winning the first battle, acrimony engulfs the movement, leading to feuds, name-calling–and murder.

In despair, Bess quits the Fenians and finds love in the arms of former Union General Jonathan Stapleton. Their idyll, however, is soon interrupted by Dan McCaffrey, who forces her to choose between him and her new lover.

A Passionate Girl is a riveting novel that takes the reader into a forgotten chapter in Irish-American history and provides an eye-opening look at the devastating impact of America’s Civil War.

Time and Tide
Here is an epic of World War II — the story of men and passion, of great love and tragic loss, and of two proud military families caught in a crucible of honor and betrayal…

Captain Arthur McKay – Given command of the USS Jefferson City after its desertion at the Battle of Savo — the worst naval defeat in United States history — he must choose between loyalty to his best friend, the disgraced Captain Winfield Kemble, and his own duty as an officer. McKay is torn as well betwen his wife, Rita McKay – who once loved Kemble and now longs to see him destroyed – and Lucy Kemble, Rita’s sister and Kemble’s wife, who is the secret rule of his tormented soul.

From the Solomon Islands to the Aleutians, from liberty ports in Australia to the deadly skies over Okinawa, ‘Time and Tide’ is a spellbinding wartime voyage into the darkest hours of our century… a masterwork of action and human drama.

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