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3 Novels by Gloria Bevan
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Overview: Gloria Isabel was born on 20 July 1911 in Kalgoorlie, Western Australia, Australia, the daughter of a mining engineer. At three, her family moved to New Zealand, and considers herself a New Zealander. She lived in Auckland, from 1926 to 1936. On 1937, she married Thomas Henry Bevan, a building inspector, and they had three daughters: Typist, Watkin and Wallis.
Genre: Fiction, Harlequin Romance

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Always a rainbow (1975)
The autocratic Mark Hillyer refused to believe that Angela’s job as shearers’ cook on his New Zealand sheep station was just a holiday post and that she had no matrimonial designs on his young brother. If only she could ignore him! But Mark was not a man to be treated with indifference ..

The Rouseabout Girl (1983)
Could she ever prove her trustworthiness? Lanie Petersen’s first experienceof Jard Sanderson was when she overheard him arguing–about her! Thesituation never improved; he mistrusted her so much he could barely be civiltoward her. But if Lanie was going to be temporary cook at Rangimarie,Jard’s ranch, she would have to put up with his black moods. Larne couldonly hope she would have an opportunity to prove he was wrong about her–andthat she was worthy of his love….

Vineyard in a Valley (1972)
It wasn’t Tracy’s fault that she had been more or less wished onto Stephen Crane and his aunt. She had, after all, come right across the world to New Zealand for her cousin Alison’s wedding to Stephen’s brother, and now that Alison had walked out on the whole thing, it was Tracy too who had been left high and dry. Why did Stephen have to be quite so unpleasant about it all?

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