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3 books by Norman Spinrad
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Overview: A native of New York City, Norman Spinrad is the author of fifteen previous novels, about fifty short stories, and several screenplays. He is also a literary critic, political commentator, and occasional songwriter. Spinrad’s novel about Adolf Hitler, "The Iron Dream", was banned in Germany for seven years, and "Bug Jack Barron", his controversial novel about presidential politics and the power of television, was denounced on the floor of the British Paliament.
Genre: Science Fiction

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Russian Spring: Set against a background of world political and economic upheaval, Russian Spring is a powerful saga of ardent dreamers and star-crossed lovers, an exhilarating and thought-provoking novel by the award-winning author of "Little Heroes" and "Child of Fortune".
Trapped in a low-level job with the stagnating American space program, engineer Jerry Reed reluctantly moves to Paris, where Common Europe and the Soviet Union have joined to create a renaissance in space exploration. There he finds not only a real chance to reach orbit, but a society far different from anything he imagined—brave, bold, freethinking, and vigorous.
With Jerry’s help humanity has a chance to reach the stars… until a battered, declining America launches itself against its former allies. Loyalties torn, his family’s happiness imperiled, Jerry must make decisions that will resonate for decades in his dreamer’s soul… and in a world hurtling toward the brink of nuclear frost.

No Direction Home: A short story collection comprising the following stories:
No Direction Home
The Big Flash
The Conspiracy
The Weed of Time
A Thing of Beauty
The Lost Continent
Heroes Die But Once
The National Pastime
In the Eye of the Storm
All the Sounds of the Rainbow

The Star-Spangled Future: A short story collection comprising the following stories:
Carcinoma Angels
All the Sounds of the Rainbow
The Perils of Pauline
The Last Hurrah of the Golden Horde
Holy War on 34th Street
The National Pastime
It’s a Bird! It’s a Plane!
The Entropic Gang Bang Caper
The Big Flash
Sierra Maestra
A Thing of Beauty
The Lost Continent

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