Download BlueStacks v2.1.7.5668 + v2.1.4.5653 Pro Rooted for Windows + v0.9.21.415610 for Mac

Ordinarily, if you want to run Android apps on a platform other than on an Android device, it is necessary to install a Software Development Kit. Unless you are a software developer, this may be something that you are not particularly keen on doing, and this is where BlueStacks App Player may be able to help as it enables you to install and run Android apps under Windows.

Working much like an emulator, the program enables users of Windows 7 to install Android apps on their PC and synchronize them with a device running Android. Making use of the company’s cloud connect service, apps can be synced wirelessly without the need to remember to connect your Android device to your computer.

The installation includes a number of bundled apps which can be used in windowed or full screen mode, and a standard mouse and keyboard can be used in place of a touch screen. BlueStacks App Player provides an interesting way to try out new apps as well as a means of making your favourite apps, and games, available on additional platforms

The standard version of the app allows for a limited number of apps to be installed, but an upcoming premium version will allow for an unlimited number of apps.

Download Links:

Download v2.1.7.5668 for Windows (271MB)

Download v2.1.4.5653 Pro Rooted for Windows (271MB)

Download v0.9.21.415610 for MAC (231MB)

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