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2 books by Laurie Ellingham
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Overview: When Laurie is not running after her two children, her husband, their cockerpoo Rodney, or just plain running, she loves nothing more than disappearing into the fictional world of her characters, preferably with a large coffee and a Twix (or two) to hand.
Laurie lives in the heart of the Dedham Vales on the Suffolk/Essex borders, and when she in the thick of a character crisis, she can often be seen walking around the village talking to herself. Before becoming a novelist, Laurie worked in Public Relations, and has a first class honours degree in Psychology.
Genre: Women’s Contemporary | Chicklit

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How To Throw Your Life Away
Have you ever wondered how much it would take to make you snap?
For thirty-two year old Katy Davenport it was the littlest thing…
All her boyfriend of five years had to do was answer her question about dinner.
Not ignore her.
Not continue to watch the football like she didn’t exist.
In that moment Katy snaps. One moment of insanity and Katy throws her life away.
The policeman who arrests her laughs. Her best friend cheers. And her anger management counsellor insists on embarrassing her in front of the entire class.
For Katy this is just the beginning as she struggles to find her place in a whole new world where her ex-boyfriend refuses to move out of her house, and Katy finds herself snapping again and again.
Will Katy be able to control her anger for long enough to pick up the pieces of her life?

One Endless Summer
Three best friends. Three continents. Three months to live.
How long can you keep a secret? Three best friends are embarking on an all-expenses paid trip of their dreams. The only catch? Every moment will be documented on film. Lizzie’s battle with cancer is coming to an end, and now she’s ready to embrace adventure for the very first time. There are only three months, but it is Lizzie’s time to finally start living! Jaddi is known for her stunning looks, flirtatious attitude and many conquests. But Jaddi has a secret and on this last trip together she needs to decide whether her best friends will ever know the real her. Samantha has always been the ‘grown up’ of the group, the one with a five year plan. What Lizzie and Jaddi don’t know is that Sam is trapped, and her perfect life isn’t quite what it seems…
As they trek across the globe Lizzie, Jaddi and Samantha must come to terms with loss, love and trusting one another. But will it all be too late…

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