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2 Books by Doye Mills
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Overview: My favorite story that I have written is "Give Me My Freedom". When I wrote this I was thinking about the time of slavery and what would I have done if I had fell in love with a black man during that time. Of course that was a different time from today and I am sure mindsets were different but I like to believe I would have made the right decision.
Genre: Romance MM


Give Me My Freedom
Could you love someone enough to give them their freedom? Imagine the love between a young plantation owner and his personal slave. When the handsome young slave Napolean looked into the young white man’s blue eyes he hoped that he would be the one to buy him. Together they would learn what love was all about in a place where one was master and the other slave.

Down Low and The Gay Guy
Love can be the most joyous emotion anyone can ever experience and it can also bring someone the toughest heartaches. Aches that seem like they will never go away, at least it seems that way for me and I have had more than my share.
I knew I was different as a human being from the time I was a small child and it made life for me tough when I was growing up especially in a small West Texas town. People can be cruel and say cruel things where society dictates that boys like girls and girls like boys but I was a boy and I liked boys too.

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